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We compose any style of popular song, jingles or music for TV and movies. From developing/enhancing your musical score, to identifying and providing instruments and vocals, let us be your partner in composition.

Magic Force

This is a song from the new album from the band, "Morbidly Yours Forever" Lyrics and melody were written by Anne Stapley. Dino Pandolfo from Imagine wrote and produced the music and arrangement. This song is in a techno/dance style that Dino loves to produce!
A Song for Stella (Demo)
A Song for Stella (Full Arangement)

There are 2 versions of A Song for Stella. The first one is a basic version with just guitar, bass, drums and a touch of keys. It was played and arranged by the Imagine staff. The second version was played and arranged by David Crisci, who can be hired through Imagine.


End of the Line

This song was written by Sue Brick for her husband who was stationed in Iraq. Imagine provided the the arrangement and instrumentation. This song is in a country style.

Harry Cardillo - Piano, Keyboard, Arranging
David Crisci - Piano, Keyboard, Arranging
Pat Crosley - Upright Bass, Vocals
Donna Groom - Piano, vocals, arranging
George Harris - Drums
Todd Myrah - Guitars
Dino Pandolfo - Guitar, Vocals, Arranging
Mike Pesta - Guitar
Mike Ross - Piano, Keyboard, Arranging
Adam Thomas - Bass, Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Johnny Vann - Sax, Clarinet




Pittsburgh, PA

Phone & TEXT 412-576-1374


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